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Kevin Durant Defends Athletes Using Marijuana



Kevin Durant Supports Athletes Using Marijuana: "It Settles You Down"

Kevin Durant Supports Athletes Using Marijuana: “It Settles You Down”

Kevin Durant has come out to defend athletes who use marijuana.

According to Durant, weed “clears the distractions out of your brain a little bit.” He continued, “It settles you down.”

Athletes are currently banned from using weed or any performance enhancing drugs. Durant recently invested Weedmaps.


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“We partner with them on content and trying to figure out ways to change the narrative around athletes and marijuana,” Durant told David Letterman adding that there will “be dispensaries everywhere” in New York City. He says people should not still be locked up for marijuana related charges.

“(Legalization) is confusing to a lot of people. You could look around this city in the next year or two, it’s gonna be dispensaries everywhere, where you can actually go buy weed… And It’s even crazier that there are people in jail for 20 years for selling a pound,” he said.

“So did you smoke today?” Letterman asked him.

“I’m actually high right now,” Durant responded.

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