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Feds Allegedly Raid O Block In Viral Video – Watch



Video Of Feds Raiding Chicago's O Block Surface 

Video Of Feds Raiding Chicago’s O Block Surface

A video was recently released showing feds allegedly raiding O’Block. The clip was shared on Instagram by 6wetem_upfreddy4 and was reposted by DJ Akademiks.

“Feds raided o block allegedly,” Akademiks captioned the video. We also cannot tell the authenticity of the clip for now.

Apparently, feds are trying to wipe out gang related activities in the country. O’Block (formerly known as “WIIIC City”) is a Black Disciples set inside Parkway Gardens located in the 6400 block of South King Drive which was also labeled as one of the most dangerous blocks in the country.


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O’Block was named after member “Odee Perry” was murdered back in 2011. O’Block is also known as “WIIIC City”, “Toon Town”, “Keta World”, “Sheroid Squad”, “Whitey Gang”, “Munna Gang”, “Stretch Gang” “City Of Hec” and “Get Back Gang” named after fallen members from WIIIC City/O’Block.

O’Block is cliqued up with another Black Disciple set named “600” where they go by the name “OB600”. They also allied with Lamron and 400E Drive, both Black Disciple sets.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, gang activity slowly started to reach Parkway Gardens. At the time, Parkway Gardens was full of Gangster Disciples and Mickey Cobras.

By 1991, there were no more Mickey Cobras in Parkway Gardens where Black Disciples started moving in. In 2000, Black Disciples from Parkway Gardens started going by the name “WIIIC City”.


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