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Ex Bodyguard Claims Kris Jenner Has “Ruined So Many Athletes’ Lives”



Former Bodyguard To The Kardashians Calls The Family “Toxic”

Former Bodyguard To The Kardashians Calls The Family “Toxic”

Mark Behar, a former bodyguard to the Kardashians, has made some bold accusations against Kris Jenner and her famous children in a new interview, insisting that the family is addicted to fame and use their “horror” stories to create storylines for their reality show, which has subsequently provided them with more publicity.

During Mark’s recent exclusive interview with In Touch, he alleged that Kris was seemingly to blame for the downfall of many athletes who have shared relationships with the clan.

After sharing his beliefs that Kris had “ruined so many athletes’ lives,” Mark brought up the names of former Kardashian exes, including Lamar Odom. Speaking of how Kris was said to have treated the former basketball star, he highlighted, “Look at Lamar [Odom], she ruined his life and she nearly destroyed Scott [Disick]. You’ve got to understand that with this family, that if your fame goes down they don’t have a story.”

The celebrity bodyguard added that “Kris is addicted to fame and the horror stories keep them going. They go after people they use to make them bigger stars.”

Though Mark made it pretty apparent he doesn’t think too highly of the family he once worked for, he acknowledged that the only person he remembered never being a problem was Kourtney because she usually stayed out of the drama and focused her attention on her business affairs.

“She’s always been fine and presents herself good,” he added. “She doesn’t follow any of her sisters unless they’re doing a photo shoot or something like that for the show and she’s liable. Why can’t any of the family be the same way?”

The release of Mark’s interview comes just days after Kourtney went ahead and officially tied the knot with her now-husband Travis Barker.


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