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Dr. Umar Johnson Calls Out LeBron James Over Son Bronny Prom Date



Dr. Umar Johnson Checks LeBron James After His Son Bronny James' White Girl Prom Date 

Dr. Umar Johnson Checks LeBron James After His Son Bronny James’ White Girl Prom Date

Psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson, has called out LeBron James over his son Bronny James and his prom date. On Friday (May 20), Dr. Umar Johnson, shared an Instagram post calling out where King James for seemingly preaching one thing, but doing another.

17-year-old Bronny James recently posted pictures of he and his prom date, Peyton Gelfuso, a White girl.

While Bronny and Peyton posed beautifully in their photos, the young basketball player quickly faced racist abuse for escorting a white young lady to his prom, as a young Black man — a controversial matter involving two minors that should not be an issue in the first place.


However, social media quickly drew up memes and comments poking fun the pair and soon social users came for Bronny’s father.

Trying to correlate the the father and son duo, social media had a fiesta. Folks online also dug out picture of LeBron James at the prom back in the days and he was also with a White girl.

Taking to Instagram, Dr. Umar Johnson reposted a meme, showing a photo of Bronny and his prom date, and a caption that read, “No disrespect, but….Yo LeBron, I thought you were an activist?”

The meme also had a picture of a white bunny, which is in reference to the slang phrase “snow bunny,” describing a white girl.

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