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Chris Rock Wants $3 Million To Talk About The Will Smith Oscar Slap



Chris Rock Demands $3M To Talk About The Will Smith Slap Incident 

Chris Rock Demands $3M To Talk About Will Smith Slapping Him At The Oscars

Chris Rock isn’t going to talk about Will Smith slapping him at the Oscars on television unless someone ponies up the big bucks. He wants to be paid huge before appearing on television to speak about it, and Chris is asking for a ton of cash.

Chris Rock will accept to sit and talk about the Oscars slap for $3 million. And Oprah Winfrey is the leading television personality willing to pay that money for a Chris Rock interview.

Many wonder when the comedian will explain what he felt at that moment. But everything has a price. And Rock does not intend to talk about what happened unless he receives a sum of millions of dollars.

$3 million would be the money for which the presenter of the gala of the Hollywood Academy Awards would sit on a TV set to explain what happened.

In fact, there would already be personalities of the screen who would be willing to pay those amounts to listen to Chris Rock. Among them, the well-known host Oprah Winfrey.

For the moment, the comedian continues to triumph with his Ego Death tour throughout the United States. His performances already bring him a great amount of money in these weeks.

Meanwhile, Will Smith went to India in search of strengthening his spirituality after that slap that has brought him a lot of criticism from the public. Chris Rock clearly is looking for a huge payday from Will Smith’s Oscar’s slap and that’s smart of him.


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