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Black Women Celebrate The Death Of Kevin Samuels On Twitter



Black Women Rejoice Over The Death Of Kevin Samuels

Black Women Rejoice Over The Death Of Kevin Samuels

Yesterday, controversial YouTuber Kevin Samuels passed away in his home. He died of cardiac arrest at 56 after being found unresponsive.

It was later reported that Kevin was not alone when he died. According to one report Kevin died on top of a woman – described as a 28 year old “Caucasian” nurse.

All evidence points towards a likely cardiac arrest, and folks all across Black Twitter are reacting to the news. For the most part, people are offering their condolences towards Kevin’s family and friends.

But there is a large group of Black women who are celebrating Kevin’s death.

Kevin Samuels made a name for himself talking harshly towards Black women. Kevin described himself as a relationship expert, but his form of advice involved insulting and belittling his female listeners – who were mostly Black women.

“It is rumoured that divorced, dead-beat daddy & bussy bandit Kevin Samuels has hit the dust at 56. The naker was known to create content degrading BW. He has now passed on to hell where he belongs,” someone tweeted.

“So you’re telling me Kevin samuels had high cholesterol and had a whole heart attack and wanted to talk about fat women?????” another person wrote.

Here are just a few comments that you can find on Black Twitter:

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