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Blac Chyna Loses Defamation Case Against The Kardashians



The Kardashians Win $100M Defamation Lawsuit Filed By Blac Chyna

The Kardashians Win $100M Defamation Lawsuit Filed By Blac Chyna

The Kardashians have won in the $100 million defamation lawsuit filed by Blac Chyna. As we reported, Chyna accused the family of domestic violence, defamation and blocking her deals — ie: her cancelled E! reality show ‘Rob & Chyna.’

For 10 days, the case went to trial in downtown Los Angeles last week. Through the days of the case, we learned of shocking details and events that went on behind the scenes.

According to Chyna’s legal team, they claimed to have had text messages from the Kardashian matriarch and momager Kris Jenner, telling E! executives to cancel Chyna’s show, plus texts from Kris to her son Rob Kardashian, telling him to “ditch the b*tch,” being Chyna, his then-fianceé.

The alleged texts also included Kris calling Chyna “stupid” and “ghetto.”

Chyna’s team also claimed to have emails from Khloe Kardashian telling E! executives that she would not film any more shows for the family’s reality show, ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians,’ should the network green light a second season for Chyna’s show.

Khloe admitted to the claims in court, clarifying that the Chyna’s “toxic” behavior would further damage the family’s brand, and she wanted nothing to do with the drama she brought.

Kim Kardashian echoed Khloe’s remarks about Chyna being “toxic,” and she said she and the family threatened to quit their show because they didn’t want to “work in a toxic environment” with Blac Chyna.

Kim claimed she had the power to keep Chyna off of the family’s show, but didn’t have the power to cancel Chyna’s.


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