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Amber Heard Claims Poop In Johnny Depp’s Bed Was A ‘Horrible Practical Joke Gone Wrong’



Amber Heard Claims Poop In Bed Was A ‘Horrible Practical Joke Gone Wrong’ With Johnny Depp

Amber Heard Claims Poop In Bed Was A ‘Horrible Practical Joke Gone Wrong’ With Johnny Depp

Amber Heard has taken a page out of Blac Chyna‘s book and claiming she was “just joking” when it comes to the allegation of her leaving poop in the bed that she once shared with ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp first testified about Amber’s feces being left in their bed back in July 2020. At this time, Depp was in court for his libel suit he filed against ‘The Sun‘ newspaper over an article they published. In the piece, the paper referred to him as a “wife-beater.”

Recalling the incident, Depp told the court that he truly thought it was “possibly [Amber’s] friends” who put the poop there. Despite Heard allegedly telling him it was the dogs who’d left the mess in the bed, Depp says he later heard it was “just a harmless prank.”


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The night before the feces was found by Depp’s housekeeper, Hilda Vargas, the former couple were celebrating Heard’s 30th birthday and the night allegedly ended with an altercation between the two, with Heard packing and leaving for a trip with her friends.

Testifying against his ex-wife in his defamation lawsuit against her — this case over her op-ed published in ‘The Washington Post‘ — Depp claims his housekeeper, Hilda Vargas, sent him a picture of the feces.

Apparently, Ms. Vargas was cleaning Depp’s home in April 2016. It was the day after Depp and Heard allegedly got into an altercation, on the night of her 30th birthday party,

Ms. Vargas says she “pulled back the top sheet on the bed and saw a large pile of feces.” She continued, “I did not know what to think of what I had discovered. I was completely shocked.” Ms. Vargas went and took photos of what she found, and called it a “lack of respect.” Despite Heard telling Johnny that the dogs made the mess in bed, Ms. Vargas claims she “knew” the feces couldn’t have come from the former couple’s two dogs, claiming she’d “cleaned up after those dogs many times and their feces are much smaller.”

Following Depp’s recent testimony, one of his longtime employees claims Heard once told him that defacating in the former couple’s bed was a “horrible practical joke gone wrong.” The employee, Starling Jenkins III — an executive chaffer and security guard for Depp — recalled accompanying Heard to Coachella in 2016 and learning more about the situation.

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