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Amber Heard Allegedly Costs Johnny Depp $22.5M For ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 6’



Johnny Depp Manager Argues That Amber Heard Cost Her Ex $22.5M For ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 6’

Johnny Depp Manager Argues That Amber Heard Cost Her Ex $22.5M For ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 6’

Johnny Depp and his manager are arguing that his ex-wife and actress Amber Heard cost her ex-husband at least $22.5 million for his lost role in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6.’

Jack Whigham, who is Depp’s former agent and current talent manager, took the stand on Monday (May 2) and gave further intel on his client’s finances.

While Depp’s legal team continued to examine witnesses on their client’s behalf, Whigham specifically spoke on the money his client lost from the sixth installment of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘ franchise that never happened. Whigham is claiming the financial loss was due to Depp’s ex-wife’s own doing, via her “defamatory” op-ed published in ‘The Washington Post‘ back in 2018, a year after the former couple divorced.

In his testimony, Whigham claims his client had a planned role in the sixth installment of the ‘Pirates‘ film. He believes there is zero doubt in his mind that his client lost the part because of Heard, which ended up costing Depp a whopping $22.5 million.

While testifying, Whigham was asked, “Did Mr. Depp ever have a deal to perform in ‘Prates 6′?” He replied, “We finished the deal. We closed the deal at twenty two and a half million for that film, is my memory.” When asked which studio was involved in the ‘Pirates‘ films, including ‘Prates 6,’ Whigham said, “Disney.” When asked what role Mr. Depp was set to play, he said, “Captain Jack Sparrow.”

Whigham was then asked if the $22.5 million was due to be sent by Disney or some other entity, and he responded, “Disney.” And for when the money was due to paid to Mr. Depp, Whigham said, “It would be paid when he shoots the principal photography. So when the film shoots.”

Whigham is then asked who the producer of the ‘Prates‘ franchise is and he responded, “Jerry Bruckheimer,” and adds that he does not work for Disney. The follow-up question then asked, “In 2017, to what extent if any, was Mr. Bruckheimer supportive of Mr. Depp remaining in the ‘Prates‘ franchise?”


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