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Steve Harvey Says He’ll Never Give Michael B Jordan Relationship Advice



"I'm Not Gonna Help Him, He's Gonna Have To Earn It"

“I’m Not Gonna Help Him, He’s Gonna Have To Earn It” – Steve Harvey Says

During a recent interview with E News, The Family Feud game show host, Steve Harvey was asked a series of questions about his favorite moments from the game show and his fashionable outfits.

But of course he was asked about the relationship between Black Panther star, Michael B Jordan and his daughter Lori Harvey. The interviewer asked Harvey, “what relationship advice would you give to Michael B Jordan?”

“I’m not gonna help him,” Harvey replied. “He’s gonna have to earn it.” Despite his protecting stance, Harvey had nice things to say about Jordan, explaining that he’s “a nice guy” and “very respectful.”

“Relationships are hard, especially, they’re young,” he said. “They’re in a Hollywood-type relationship, and I’m cheering for them.”

Another shocking detail about Steve Harvey’s interview is when he began to explain where he gets his “drip” from. The Johnsons Family Vacation star has been reposted throughout social media for his latest fashion-forward outfits.

The actor was confident about his answer and explained that he always had drip and revealed that NBA legends like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson would ask for advice.

“I was talking to Magic [Johnson] and Michael Jordan one time, they said, ‘Man, we should watch you at night on Showtime at the Apollo to see what you was gonna wear, and we go out and get it made,’” Harvey shared.


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