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Steph Curry’s Little Daughter Riley, Is Now Grown Up – Pics



Steph & Ayesha Curry's Daughter Riley Is Now Older & Taller

Steph & Ayesha Curry’s Daughter Riley Is Now Older & Taller

Steph Curry’s daughter, Riley, became a sensation when she joined him at the podium during the 2015 NBA playoffs, especially in the Finals. She was too adorable and she even stole the show from her father.

Years layer, Steph told one media outlet that he regrets bringing Riley out on camera.

“One thing I do technically regret in terms of how fast this all came is when I brought Riley on the podium [during the 2015 NBA Finals],” Curry said to The Undefeated.

“I’ve always wanted to share what I get to do, and all the experiences I have, with my family,” Curry said.

“I didn’t know how much that would blow up and how much of a splash she [would make] on the scene. If I could take that one back, I probably would, just because my goal is just to give my kids the best chance at success and at seeing the world in the proper way.

Riley is now 9 years old – and she’s not getting quite the attention that she did back then. But the cameras focused on her during yesterday’s playoff game – and she’s getting her father’s height. While she’s still very much a little girl, Riley’s a lot older and taller than we remember her.

This was Riley at last nights game:

Steph & Ayesha Curry's Daughter Riley Is Now Older & Taller

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