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Solange’s Son Julez Allegedly Gets An OnlyFans Model Pregnant



Solange's Son Julez Blasted By OnlyFans Model He Allegedly Impregnated 

Solange’s Son Julez Blasted By OnlyFans Model He Allegedly Impregnated

Solange’s son Daniel Julez, may have landed himself into a bit of trouble …or should we say some p*ssy! A young woman is putting him on blast and alleges that she is pregnant with his baby!

She took to Instagram to share alleged text messages between the two where it appears they talked about having unprotected sex and having a baby.

The woman says she’s putting him on blast because he has a “loud mouth”. In the alleged text messages Julez questions the woman about not taking a plan b, to which she responds “nooo, just do it and pray.” Somwhere along the lines things went south.

Julez told her that she was less attractive for not wanting to take it. The woman then questions him on why he n*tted inside her.

She went on to say that she doesn’t need clout or money from him and is only sharing the messages so that he doesn’t hurt other girls.

Last year, Beyonce’s nephew Julez, and Skai Jackson made controversial headlines after breaking up and the surprising part is that people don’t even know they were dating.

Amid the breakup, a very disturbing video went viral on social media, supposedly shows 19 year old actress Skai Jackson getting f*ngered by Julez.


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Again, Julez is trending on social media following the allegations that he got an OnlyFans model pregnant. Here are some reactions on Twitter:


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