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Rob Kardashian Claims Blac Chyna Beat Him Up At Least Five Times During Their Relationship



"I Had A Gun To My Head Several Times By This Woman, That's Not Love" - Rob Kardashian 

“I Had A Gun To My Head Several Times By This Woman, That’s Not Love” – Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian took the stand in the case between the mother of his child Blac Chyna and his own family.

Rob said his relationship with Blac Chyna happened way too fast, but admits he thought she was the one for him because she was there for him at his lowest.

According to TMZ, Rob said that when he got down on one knee and asked Chyna for her hand in marriage that he didn’t even really love her. Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble has also testified to witnessing Blac Chyna assault Rob Kardashian.

“It wasn’t real love. I had a baby with this girl.” He also said Chyna allegedly attacked him at least 5 times while they were together. “I had a gun held to my head several times by this woman. That’s not love.”

We reported earlier that Blac Chyna claims she was just ‘joking’ when she pointed the gun at her ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian while testifying in court on Wednesday (Apr. 20).

Chyna claims Rob was playing video games when she jokingly put an iPhone cord around his neck — which she says was a joke to get him to pay attention to her.

Chyna insisted that she did not try to strangle Rob and hurt him. Moving on to the allegation of the gun, Chyna told the court that Rob kept it on a dresser, and that he kept it unloaded with no bullets in the house.


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