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Lil Durk Reacts To A Fan Accidentally Peeing On Herself At His Show – Video



Fan Accidentally Pee On Herself Mid Lil Durk's Performance

Female Fan Accidentally Pee On Herself Mid Lil Durk’s Performance

Lil Durk has already made a mark for himself and he’s arguably one of the best rappers of his generation. Durkio has a lot of hits on his sleeves and also appears to be a ladies man.

As we all know, ladies fill up the larger percentage at concerts and shows so, it’s no brainier Durk often enjoy massive female attendance during his shows.

However, Lil Durk’s recent gentleman behavior towards a lady that peed on herself during his recent show has got people singing his praises. A lady accidentally peed on herself mid Durk’s performance and he handled the situation professionally.

“It depends on what type of pee it is, though you as you as you did you pitch me, you see us up there, or you picked up some nasty ****,” he said.

“So anybody passed out of financial pee just goes to the back. Clean yourself, that’s all,” Durk added in a low tone.

Fans have since been reacting to the viral video, praising Lil Durk for not being harsh on her. “Awww no wonder that girl (India Royale) love him. He gentle,” someone commented.

“I like how he was so cool about it he ain’t tryna play,” another person wrote. “I respect him for respecting her buy y’all are too damn grown,” added another.


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