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Gerreddi Reveals His Favorite Rapper, Upcoming Projects, Collaborations & More



Washington DC Rapper Gerreddi Reveals His Favorite Rapper, Upcoming Projects, Collaborations, Cancel Culture & More On Dredds O'Clock 

Washington DC Rapper Gerreddi, Reveals His Favorite Rapper, Discusses Upcoming Projects, Collaborations, Social Media/ Cancel Culture & More On Dredds O’Clock

Buzzing Washington DC rapper Gerreddi, recently took time out to answer few questions in an exclusive interview with Peter Dredd on the latest episode of Dredds O’Clock.

The ‘Circles’ crooner shares what influenced his musical career, favorite rapper of all time, effects of social media and more.

Peter Dredd: “I’ll like you to introduce yourself”

Gerreddi: “I go by the name Gerreddi um aka reddi rock from washington dc.. born and raised the real the real dc and um you know i’m out here pushing come over here grinding.”

Peter Dredd: “What inspired you into music?”

Gerreddi: “I always liked music man since i was a youngin.. like when i was young i used to go to uh my dad is a dj you know i’m saying he been djing along and i’ve been born so um i used to throw cabin rage and [ __ ] like that in the basement you know what i’m saying he used to throw a lot of different cabarets or whatever so um you know he’s to do mixes or whatever in the basement and stuff like that and ask me how i think he’s mixing sound i’m like nah i don’t like that gentleman i like that one use that one so now i kind of start getting the music like what i’m saying do that type of stuff and then uh you know i used to uh watch run dmc LLCool J you know say i’m my 80s baby so you know i grew up on that i mean i grew up on that.

You know stuff like that so i knew all eight raps word for word my cousin regina used to come she was like 13 14. i was like five or six years old she used to come bring our friends to the house and ask me to rap all the cool j lyrics and i doing word for word you know what i’m saying so then uh i just thought of writing poetry and then from there i just turned the rap.”

Peter Dredd: “That’s interesting, so do you do any kind of music apart from rap?”

Gerreddi: “It’s all rap but it’s all different forms of rap he’ll say like i can do i got some afro beats some afro beats music with uh Samklef and king kanji you know what i’m saying then i got some i got some country country rap stuff with some people’s out nashville you know what i’m saying so i don’t like to put myself in the pots because i don’t like to put myself in the box because like i said um i can make all type of music but it’s gonna be rap though.”


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Peter Dredd: “So who’s your favorite rapper of all time?”

Gerreddi: “Of all time.. Tupac”

Peter Dredd: “How about right now!”

Gerreddi: “Right now I would have to say.. I don’t know.. I can’t really put my finger on right now i mean it’s a lot of [ __ ] excuse me it’s a lot of people that’s hot you know what i said i like a lot of people i like a lot of people that’s just kind of really i like i like Drake i like Jeezy.. i like Gucci i like uh J Cole i like i like Dolph i like Nipsey i’m saying you know they’re not here.. rest in peace to them guys man i like that Mo3.. i like Boosie you know what i’m saying i like i like DaBaby.. I like Lil Baby.. I like Lil Durk i like a lot of people i like a lot of people yeah that’s my own that’s why i can’t name somebody because as long as they represent what’s real and i like Kanye.”

Peter Dredd: “You didn’t mention any females.”

Gerreddi: ” Female rappers.. who I like the best.. I can name them it’s got to be between Nicki gotta be between Nicki and probably uh .. Megan been spitting bars lately.  i can be spending bars though i ain’t gonna lie to you i just couldn’t get with all the little devil stuff she did on her last album i couldn’t get with all that you know she got threw me off when she did all that because my daughter favorite rapper Megan is dying and she and she dress up as a devil on her last i don’t cover i ain’t like that but other than that uh i like i like i like Nicki, Megan, Cardi.. you know what i’m saying i like everybody who’s spitting i’m a fan of the music i’m a fan of the craft you know what i mean i feel you i like i like i like anybody who really spitting that [ __ ] i like you but you want me to express myself honestly that’s how i do it i feel you i feel you you know what i’m saying all right i’m gonna keep it to a halt though but yeah i like everybody man.”

Peter Dredd: “Who would you like to collaborate with?”

Gerreddi: “You know me being independent you know i’m a fan of a lot of people i like a lot of people you know what i’m saying but uh if i really take my could be DaBaby uh uh uh Nicki.. Cardi and Scarface.”

Peter Dredd: “When last did you drop a song?”

Gerreddi: “It’s called circles that’s um last month.”


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Peter Dredd: “Do you have an ep or an album on the way?”

Gerreddi: “Yeah i got an ep on the way um i have an album if you want to listen to some stuff i have an album called “Ready or Not” that i dropped independently back in like uh 2020 the beginning of 2020 the end of 2019 people can check that out it’s called “Ready or Not” it’s everywhere but um right now i got like i got like 50 60 songs you know what i’m saying so i’m not really they don’t get don’t they only take them they only take one song to do what you need to do you know what i’m saying the rest the rest come after that so that’s why you know why i got this “Circles” record that’s all i’m promoting right now i’m not really you know trying to you know i’m just build drop a bunch of rockets i’m just building my fan base with this one hit.”

Peter Dredd: “Have you performed in any big show before like a big event?”

Gerreddi: “Oh yes first of all oh yeah absolutely i’m i’m doing south by southwest friday wow that’s cool yeah.. I’d open up for man i don open up for Jeezy, Jim Jones, Three 6 Mafia, Scarface, The Game, Waka Flocka.. uh man the list goes on dawg and i did a lot of big shows i just i just did a show last week with uh in Houston in Dallas with uh with the CEO of 1501 entertainment uh the basketball player uh Carl what’s his last name Carl Carl Crawford yeah he the one who put money behind Megan Thee Stallion. I just did a show on last thursday hosting last wednesday hosted by him in uh Houston you know what i’m saying so i mean yeah I’ve done a lot of shows.

Peter Dredd: “Have you worked with any of these big names before?”

Gerreddi: “I got a yeah i got a song with scarface i got a song with Devin The Dude i got a song with DJ Cool “let me clear my you know throat” i got a song with Brian Devon, R&B singer from DC.. I did a song with Freeway back in the day after this song with Jody Breeze i got a song with uh it was Fat Trail.. I did a song wit Wale back in the day.. it’s a couple of other people yeah so what i thought is to you i’m a hustler.”

Peter Dredd: “What other talents do you have?”

Gerreddi: “I’m a hustler..  i’m um i sell cars i got my clothing line that’s what this is right here you know i got on gucci but i still got like that’s my chain name it’s called life riskers you know what i’m saying that’s my club that’s my that’s my clothing line like what this is right here it’s called life basically you out here risking your life you know what i’m saying trying to get to the next level um what i do oh no my record company i got my own studio stuff like that everything i’ve ever done is i’ve under my own record company you know what i’m saying under my own label independent and uh and right now i’m in school for tractor trailers i get my cdl class a so i’m just hustling man yeah.”

Peter Dredd: “We’re in this era of social media, internet, we got TikTok trends, instagram, twitter, cancer culture and all how do you think these trends have affected the music scene?”

Gerreddi: “I mean it’s a gift and a curse you know i’m saying i just think um you can get your music out there you know what i’m saying if you got the money if you got the resources to put it in front of people you can get it out there you know what i’m saying but um and you can get it in front of people you know and you can reach out to people and touch people that you probably wouldn’t be able to touch without the internet you know i’m saying that’s the good stuff.. but the curse is everybody doing it you know what i mean every every everybody want to be a rapper every girl want to be a model you know what i’m saying everybody got a voice it’s too many people in a damn way for them that’s really can do it.. you know what i’m saying so you know that’s kind of be the curse of it like it just over saturates [ __ ] and it makes you get old and if you know now that the powers that be can like shut down people accounts and shut down people’s pages and mess up people livelihood when they need social media to make a living it’s just you know like i said it’s a gift in the course it’s all about how you how you finessing.”


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Peter Dredd: “What’s your favorite song to perform.. your own favorite song to perform?”

Gerreddi: “I like risk my life and circles”

Peter Dredd: “Just one.. Choose one.”

Gerreddi: “Yeah well right now right now it’s circles because they get the best it is getting the best i mean that’s the one that i’m pushing right now and a lot of people give me a get a lot of good feedback when i’m performing and singing the record so circles”

Peter Dredd: “What’s the hardest line on the song?”

Gerreddi: “I got some hard lines… I’on know.. I’on line I say ‘take a picture flick flick call the paparazzi andrew cunanan and i’ll be killing [ __ ] in my versace’.

Like basically look when i said take a picture flick call the paparazzi of course you know paparazzi take pictures right so we get that but the second part i said andrew cunanan be killing sh*t in my versace.. on that particular part on the video i had on an all versace outfit so if you if you fresh people like yo you killing it right yeah andrew cunanan is the guy who killed gianni versace in real life so what i say so when i say take a picture flick flick call the paparazzi andrew cunanan and i’ll be killing [ __ ] in Versace.”

Peter Dredd: “Do you know any nigerian artists?”

Gerreddi: “Yeah man well i don’t know about not i don’t know where it is from nigeria but i got an afrobeat.. matter of fact you know you heard of Samklef?”

Peter Dredd: “Yeah yeah I know Samklef, he’s from nigeria.. he’s nigerian.”

That’s my man .. I got an Afrobeat song with Samklef called “Waste no time” you can go on youtube and we ain’t really pushing it yet because i’m pushing circles but we about to start pushing it you go on youtube or you go on spotify check it out. Samklef he produced it and uh it’s me and King Konja.. he’s from kenya and i’m doing the raps on the first verse in the second verse and Samklef he made the beat you know Samklef produced Wizkid whole first album i’m saying yeah he made the beat but it’s called waste no time it’s dope what i’m saying so those that have those are two african artists that i got something with.”

Peter Dredd: “Which Nigerian artist would you like to collaborate with.. not a producer?”

Gerreddi: “Wizkid”

Peter Dredd: “So what’s the best advice you’ve been given?”

Gerreddi: “I said stay a student to the game”

Peter Dredd: “What do you want to say to your fans?”

Gerreddi: “I want to say man i love y’all man and i want to say i couldn’t do what i’m doing without y’all you know what i’m saying i need y’all to keep supporting the course.. i ain’t gonna fold i’ma stay bringing that real heat and that pressure you know what i’m saying hey man i appreciate y’all straight up.”

Gerreddi went ahead and dropped a fire freestyle on Dredds O’Clock.. Watch the full interview below:

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