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Deelishis Responds To Plastic Surgery Claims: “You Look Stupid Debating About It”



Deelishis Blasts People Debating Whether Or Not She Got Surgery

Deelishis Blasts People Debating Whether Or Not She Got Surgery

Flavor of Love star Deelishis made headlines earlier this week, with rumors that she’s gone under the knife to alter her physical appearance.

The former reality star has been posting cute pictures and videos to her Instagram page this week and of course it got a lot of people talking.

While many of her followers flooded her comment section with compliments, others have been debating whether she has gotten plastic surgery. One person commented, “Mane u a whole diff person dafug.”


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Another said, “Sad y’all on here saying she is beautiful instead of letting her no she was beautiful didn’t have to change anything about herself then sitting here believing a waist trainer and gym is the result to this smfh this world has a prototype and they all starting to look alike sis doesn’t look healthy at all not
hating but just stating facts society and social media is damaging these young women. Embrace the way God made u self love is the best love.”

A third added, “Whatever you doing please stop it’s giving plastic vibes,” to which Deelishis responded, “Sis whatever ‘plastic’ you’re referring to is quite Pretty in my opinion and that’s all that matters.”

Reacting to the surgery debate, she made a separate post this Friday and said, “Because I’m probably one of the funniest, goofiest, silliest people I know l’Il take a moment to entertain the idiots in the back again. But honestly who cares apparently… I do for mentioning it. Still, who cares!! I French inhale Mary Jane through it, I definitely store mucus and buggers in it, oh and I use it to SMELL!!”

“Like I really don’t know why people examine other peoples mucus hole so much anyway…My nose does NO bodily function for you, neither does it give or take your life… so there I’ll say it again.… my nose should be as a worthless piece of flesh to you bringing you no perks nor value therefore YOU look stupid debating about it! Next!!! So how’s your Friday coming my loves…”

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