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Coi Leray Wants Her Father Benzino’s Instagram Deleted



Coi Leray Begs Instagram To Delete Dad Benzino’s Account

Coi Leray Begs Instagram To Delete Dad Benzino’s Account For Using It To Tarnish Her Life

During a recent interview on Real 92.3’s ‘The Cruz Show,’ Coi Leray talks her relationship with her dad Benzino, who is also a rapper and Hip-Hop icon.

Benzino dropped a new song called “Zino Vs. The Planet.” On the track, Benzino addressed his daughter, repeatedly telling her that he loves her — but also sending shots at her mother, rapping, “Daughter tripping, blame her mother.”

Coi tells J Cruz how she prays for her father following their public feuds. She then reveals how she contacts Instagram. J Cruz asks her if she reports Benzino’s posts and she exclaims, “You crazy?! Yes. Hell yes, I try to report him! ‘Cause he needs to know the ‘off’ button. He does not know the ‘off’ button. And my dad doesn’t understand, I love my dad, because family is everything.”

She continued, “But blood don’t make you family. And when you start doing sh*t that starts questioning your loyalty and who you are as a person, especially to your own daughter … I forgive. I have faith. That’s why I’m still here and able to be like ‘Yo, [that’s] my father. I have faith.”

Coi is then asked, “If you could, would you square up with your dad?” She responds, “If I could, I would knock him the f*ck out. I would if I could. But, no. I just have to pray for him. And I want him to heal offline. I really do. I feel like that’s how we’re going to be able to get better. I’m doing everything I gotta do for me. This my time.”

“So, you gon’ see me on social media everywhere. TikTok. Instagram. Twitter, whatever. But, him? I’m not saying that he shouldn’t be going on and living his life, but you definitely shouldn’t be using these platforms to tarnish my life and show people what it really is. ‘Cause if we take it there, it ain’t gon’ end well. And he knows that.”

She added, “So, while we’re trying to go ahead and better ourselves and hopefully have a relationship in the future, we gotta start somewhere, you know?”


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