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Amber Heard Tells Johnny Depp People Won’t Believe Or Side With Him In Leaked Audio



Audio Of Amber Heard Telling Johnny Depp People Won't Side With Him Or Believe He's A Victim Of Domestic Violence Used As Testimony In Court

Audio Of Amber Heard Telling Johnny Depp People Won’t Side With Him Or Believe He’s A Victim Of Domestic Violence Used As Testimony In Court

‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ actor Johnny Depp is still locked in $100 million court battle against ex-wife Amber Heard and it’s getting hotter by the day.

In a recent development, Amber Heard appears to tell Johnny Depp no one would side with him or believe he’s a victim of domestic violence.

Johnny Depp’s team ended his testimony by playing audio of Amber Heard saying; “Tell them.. I, Johnny Depp, a man, I’m a victim of domestic violence and see how many believe or side with you.”

Depp earlier claimed that Amber Heard had tried to meet up with him despite having a domestic violence restraining order against him.

During the actor’s cross-examination at a Virginia court on Monday, he alleged that the Aquaman star wanted to organize a get-together in July 2016, two months after she had filed for divorce.

Johnny said he had been on a promotional tour for a movie in San Francisco at the time, and he couldn’t quite make sense of Amber wanting to see him considering the that the public had already been left with the impression that Johnny was an abusive husband — a claim he has strongly denied.

“So I was talked into going there and met with her in hopes that she would retract her lies that the world was now fed. In no way was she ready to do that, and I couldn’t understand why I was there — everything had been taken from me, my children couldn’t escape the fact that all this had gone down.”

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