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Sauce Walka Claims Gunna Stole The ‘P’ Trend From The South



Sauce Walka Accuses Gunna Of Stealing The 'P' Trend

Sauce Walka Accuses Gunna Of Stealing The Pushing ‘P’ Trend From The South

Atlanta rapper Gunna recently ignited the “Pushin P” trend and it’s since been used amongst folks both online and offline. However, Sauce Walka believes he stole it from the south.

“The lifestyle and the ambiance and the culture and that congregation that comes behind pimpin’ and the letter P is a whole different atmosphere,” Walka told Industreets TV.

“The majority of rapper’s brains are too small to even fathom the understanding of what that shit truly means and what it is. But the P itself and the aura, and stigmatism and the lifestyle that goes behind the letter P itself, the P, that’s Texas and Memphis, and a little bit of Chicago but it’s really Texas and Memphis because to be a P is bigger than just being a pimp.”

“The biggest P of all P’s in the society of P’s is the player. The player play, P is play, we play, we play hard we play for a dollar.”

He said rappers who are not from the south are only pushin one P… “for peon, a lot of people…they’re peons.”

Couple of weeks back, Gunna explained the meaning of “P,” explaining why he’s been using the emoji so often and explaining what can be described as “P” and what can’t.

“Jumpin n a person beef or situation when u dk wats goin on Not [P],” he wrote in his first tweet about the matter. “Now…putting your people in position is [P]. Bossing up your B*tch is [P]. Risking your life to feed your family is [P]. Being a real n***a off the Internet is [P]. I’m Pushing [P].”

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