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Woman Faked Her Wedding & Had Professional Photoshoot To Make Ex Reach Out



Woman Fakes Her Wedding In An Attempt To Get Ex To Text Her Back

Woman Recounts Faking Her Wedding In An Attempt To Get Ex To Text Her Back In Viral TikTok Video

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after allegedly faking her own wedding.  She even went as far as hiring a professional photographer and faux groom. According to her video it was all because she wanted her ex to text her.

The video is currently at 1.5 million views on TikTok.

“Remembering the time I faked my own wedding and had a professional photoshoot so he would reach out,” she captioned the video, which was shared on Nov. 18 by TikTok user @dieschaklin.

The sad part is, she updated her viewers to let them know her ex saw her Instagram story and still didn’t reach out.

Photos portray the bride-not-to-be standing dressed for her wedding in front of a window sill in an extraordinary white gown and jewelry, parading with an actor covering as her future hubby, and other beautiful photos that seem to be straight out of Brides magazine.

She even seemed to reserve a venue complete with horses and stables.

It seems like some of the viewers have mixed emotions about her decision. Some viewers feel as if she did the right thing for attention others feel she took it a little too far.