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TikToker Says She Allows Her Husband To Have Sex With Her Mother & Sister



Wife Reveals She Allows Her Husband Have S*x With Her Mother & Lil Sister

Wife Reveals She Allows Her Husband Have S*x With Her Mother & Lil Sister

Wife & self-proclaimed swinger is making it known to her TikTok viewers that she shares her husband with her mom and little sister, which she seems to be proud of as she brags about the act in a viral video seen by over 4.5 million TikTok users.

The TikTok video uploaded by Brookmaklin123 has garnered more than 3,000 comments from confused TikTok users.

In a series of videos, the TikToker expressed that not only does she share her husband with her mom, but she also shares him with her sister as well. In one video that captioned, “Don’t judge us,” as the text on the video read, “A swinger household,” the TikToker kisses her husband goodbye, while her husband also kisses her little sister goodbye.


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In a second video, the woman is seen on camera with her alleged sister. The TikToker says, “Do you know how I keep my man happy. . I let him play with my little sister.” She concluded the video by saying, “Yeah, I’m that kind of wife.”

One particular video that sparked outrage and confusion amongst TikTok users was the woman admitting that she “lets her hubby have her [mother] a couple of times a week.” The video captioned, “My life don’t judge.”

TikTok users swarmed the comment section as one TikTok user wrote, “you’re that kind of wife, so he gets to sleep with who he wants, I say you’re a doormat kind of wife.”

While another TikTok user wrote, “what happens if 1 gets pregnant… you’ll have a brother, sister, nephew or niece but also stepchild.”