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R Kelly’s Cellmate Creates Prison Comic Book Showing The Two Doing Yoga Together



“I Feel Very Vulnerable Right Now,” Comic Kelly Says While Doing Yoga

“I Feel Very Vulnerable Right Now,” Cartoon Kelly Says While Doing Yoga

R. Kelly’s cellmate at the Metropolitan Detention Center, who was charged with threatening to kill elected officials, made a comic book about the two doing yoga together in their cell, court records filed Tuesday show.

Brendan Hunt, 37, is working on being released on time served ahead of his sentencing, his attorneys filed a letter to the court stating the former New York state court employee has changed his life around and is a great artist who deserves to be free.

“Putting his artistic talents to work, he created a Prison Comics strip, which has been enjoyed by many, and we offer a few episodes here as Exhibit F. These are comics and intended to be light. But we think they capture something more profound about the humanizing commonality that can be found even in the most dehumanizing conditions,” Hunt’s attorneys wrote in the letter.

“I Feel Very Vulnerable Right Now,” Cartoon Kelly Says While Doing Yoga

“Mr. Hunt deserves to be understood as a full spectrum human being and not packaged as a villain who is to be feared and loathed.”

Hunt’s “Prison Comics” creation portrays him as a “hero” and incorporates “special guest, R. Kelly,” who is stunned to learn his cellie is not aware he’s an international megastar.

“I’m the greatest R&B star in human history! How can you not know of R. Kelly?” the vocalist inquires in the comic, enquiring whether he’s listened to any his of hit songs like “Remix to Ignition” or “I Believe I Can Fly.”

“Millions of babies have been conceived to my records,” the comic book Kelly announces. “Well have you ever heard of the band Megadeath? Or Slayer? Or Dying Fetus?” Hunt asks in response, to which Kelly admits, “I guess I see your point.”

The comic then shows the two bonding while doing yoga together and contains drawings of the pair in warrior pose and downward dog. “I feel very vulnerable right now,” cartoon Kelly says in the strip while in the downward dog pose.

Then towards the end of the book, the two become very big and express how they can’t wait for the others in the yard to see their gains. Well, it looks like R Kelly is spending his time wisely and clearing his mind as he awaits trial on federal sex trafficking charges.

“I Feel Very Vulnerable Right Now,” Cartoon Kelly Says While Doing Yoga