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Chicago Men ‘Jump’ Officer Who Allegedly Racially Profiled Them – Video



Chicago Men 'JUMP' Officer Who They Claim RACIALLY Profiled Them

Chicago Men Fought Officer Who They Claim Racially Profiled Them

Two Chicago men may be in a lot of trouble, after they “jumped” an officer whom they claim racially profiled them, and wrongfully arrested one of them.

Whether or not they will serve time in prison, or be hailed as heroes by the community – all comes down to whether the officer racially profiled the Black men.

What’s clear is that the two men beat up the officer. The question remains – were they justified in putting hands on the officer? It all comes down to whether the officer was or was not within his duty to arrest the men. If he wasn’t – legal experts said that the officer’s action could be considered “assault” of the men.

Chicago Men Fought Officer Who They Claim Racially Profiled Them

And the two men could be justified in fighting off an attacker – even if that attacker is a police officer.

What we know for sure, I that the men beat up the officer, as video showing the two men beating up the officer was live-streamed all across social media.

According to online reports, the officer attempted to “detain” one of the men, for unknown reasons. The Supreme Court has held that police officers can not “detain” any person unless they have a reasonable suspicion, based on specific and clearly describable facts along with reasonable inferences, for suspecting that person committed, are committing, or are about to commit a crime.

After he “detained” the Chicago man, his friend came to his aid, and the two men jumped the officer.