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Stripper Claims Halsey Humiliated Her At A Los Angeles Nightclub



Stripper Claims Halsey Underpaid And Humiliated Her At A 2019 LA Club Event

Stripper Claims Halsey Underpaid And Humiliated Her At A 2019 LA Club Event

A stripper took to TikTok to describe her experience dealing with singer Halsey during a shift at a club in Los Angeles.

Honey Lestrange said the 2019 encounter took place at the Cheetahs strip club in Hollywood when Halsey rented out the club to promote their single “Nightmare.”

Lestrange called the experience “humiliating” and said she wasn’t able to perform on stage due to its size along with her placement among 39 other strippers. By the time it was Lestrange’s turn to perform, Halsey allegedly decided to perform their songs on stage and the dancer was reportedly pulled off by a manager around 1:40 a.m.


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“I walked on stage thinking, ‘Wow, I’m gonna be able to pay my rent on time,” she mentioned in the video.  According to the New York Post, Lestrange added that patrons stopped tipping her before Halsey’s performance, and guests from the club left shortly after the singer finished their songs.

“I got pity-tipped $20 by people who were looking at me like a sad f–king puppy. Never ever pull anyone off the stage. You can f–king wait. Disrespectful. You know what you did. My Venmo [handle] is in my bio”

That year, Halsey posted the video on their social media pages under the handle #supportsexworkees but Lestrange said the singer failed to acknowledge any of the women from that night.

“If she had said, ‘Hey, I’m performing, sorry we didn’t make it through all the dancers,’ I would not be upset. I’d say bad timing happens or whatever. But the fact that Halsey reportedly saw her standing onstage getting ready for her set, picking up the money from the previous dancer and cleaning up poles, before interrupting her “made me think, ‘am I not a human being worthy of being on the stage right now?’”Lestrange said to Rolling Stone in  an interview.


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