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Nicki Minaj Unveils New Face – Now Looks Asian After Allegedly Getting ‘Eye Surgery’



Nicki Minaj Allegedly Got 'Eye Surgery' Now Looks Asian

Nicki Minaj Allegedly Got ‘Eye Surgery’ Now Looks Asian

Nicki Minaj unveiled a brand new look, after reportedly undergoing an unspecified facial surgical procedure.

And the new look has Nicki looking dramatically different than before.

Nicki appears to be the latest female rap start to go down the plastic surgery route. Here’s what she looks like when she’s moving:

Legendary rapper Lil Kim and her rival Foxy Brown both had extensive plastic surgery on their faces – making them each unrecognizable to their long time fans.

And Nicki’s rival Cardi B recently had several procedures on her face (reportedly close to half a dozen). So it’s no surprise that Nicki has decided to follow suit and aggressively alter her face.

Here are a few screenshots that show Nicki’s new look, which many fans are calling “Asian.”

Nicki Minaj Allegedly Got 'Eye Surgery' Now Looks Asian

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