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Father Of Robert Dillingham Reports Him Missing After Being Contacted By Kanye West To Join His New DONDA Academy



Is Kanye West Illegally Recruiting Students For His New Donda Academy?

Is Kanye West Illegally Recruiting Students For His New Donda Academy?

Father of well-known teen athlete Robert Dillingham says he has not heard from his 16-year-old son in 21 days. This comes after being contacted by Kanye West to join his new Donda Academy. Robert, a 6-foot-1 point guard, is a star athlete of Combine Academy In Charlotte, NC. He is ranked No. 8 nationally by 247 Sports and is the No. 2 prospect in the state.

Robert recently told his Combine Academy coach Jeff McInnis that he will not be returning to play at the school this year and indicated he was leaving to play his junior year in California. However, the father, Donald Dillingham says Robert, who is still enrolled in Combine, has missed classes.

To note, Kanye’s prep school in Simi Valley, California will soon open and he reportedly has already enlisted other teens including Zion Cruz, Jalen Hooks, and Jakhi Howard. It will reportedly be a private, tuition-free, K-12 school, according to reports. West reportedly wants it to rival Sierra Canyon.


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While this may not seem like a bad move to some, Donald says he has not given his son permission to join Kanye’s academy. The father explained to Hollywood Unlocked that a trainer named Rico Grier who befriended the family years ago [allegedly] took Robert on a plane — without the father’s consent and brought the boy to California.

Donald said after not hearing from his son, he eventually found out about his apparent move with Kanye on TV! It was also brought to his attention that Kanye had previously contacted the boy directly and [allegedly] pressured him to come to his academy. Kanye reportedly FaceTimed Robert and asked “are you coming here or are you going to let it go?” referring to the opportunity.

The concerned father said he has contacted Grier — who is said to be a convicted felon — to locate Robert but claims “he has nothing to do with it.” Donald points out that amid all of this, Grier has since taken his family and moved to California… where Kanye’s academy is and where Robert is reportedly located.

While the father believes his son is missing and has filed a report with police in North Carolina, Donald says his son’s mother has not been responsive to him. He believes that Kanye promised her money. The Dad told Hollywood Unlocked that he has equal custody of his son and has always been the one going above and beyond for him especially when it came to basketball.

He shared that he had back surgery 6 months ago and still managed to arrange all of his son’s sports events — something that he claims his mother nor his brother has done.

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