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Classmate Claims Arlington Shooter Timothy Simpkins’ Was A ‘Drug Dealer’ & Not Bullied



Arlington Shooter Was Not "Bullied', Was "A Drug Dealer' - Classmate Claims

Arlington Shooter Was Not “Bullied’, Was “A Drug Dealer’ – Classmate Claims

The family of Timothy Simpkins, the 18-year-old student suspected in an Arlington high school shooting Wednesday, claims he was bullied and was trying to protect himself. Well, a person claiming to be one of Timothy’s classmate is telling a different story,

Four people were wounded at Timberview High School in the Mansfield Independent School District near Dallas-Fort Worth, including a pregnant woman. Three people are expected to survive while one 15-year-old is in critical condition.

Timothy faces three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and was booked into the Tarrant County Lon Evans Correction Center on a $75,000 bond. He has posted bail and was released as of Thursday afternoon.

The person came out publicly, claiming that Timothy is not the “innocent” and “bullied” teen that everyone claims he is. Rather he is – according to the person claiming to be a classmate – a drug dealer who got caught up with the wrong crowd.

The tipster explained in the post, “I go to school with this kid and he was never bullied.” The alleged classmate continued, “Some people did not like him but that’s because he was a drug dealer and those type of things come with doing that.”

According to the insider, “He was robbed not because of having nice things or a nice car but because he was a drug dealer.” The alleged classmate added, “After being robbed he wanted revenge but instead got his a$$ beat. His ego couldn’t handle it so he shot the kid and others as well.”

According to the alleged classmate – Timothy may have been “dealing drugs” in school. And the classmate claims that’s the reason he was beat up, not “bullying.”

Arlington Shooter Was Not "Bullied', Was "A Drug Dealer' - Classmate Claims


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