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Louisiana Man Killed By Alligator In Front Of Wife During Hurricane Ida Floodwater – Video



Alligator Attacked & Killed Man In Front Of Wife In Hurricane Ida Floodwater

Alligator Attacked & Killed Man In Front Of Wife In Hurricane Ida Floodwater

Tragic struck a Louisiana couple after the husband who survived Hurricane Ida was reportedly killed by an alligator in the floodwaters.

The man’s wife was able to fight the alligator off, but after leaving him to go find help once she returned he was gone.

The 71 year old man walked into 4-ft of water on the ground level of his home to go check on his shed. His wife says she then heard a lot of commotion outside and when she followed him she saw him in the jaws of a large alligator.

The courageous women ran to her husbands side and fought the alligator off. She was able to call 911 but because of the hurricane there was an issue with the emergency system which caused the sheriff’s office to not respond immediately.

She still wanted to get help asap so she grabbed what first aid supplies she could find and hopped on her canoe to head to higher ground to get some help. Unfortunately when she returned she find out her husband was gone.

When deputies got out there, they noticed a large amount of blood and learned from his spouse that the body was no longer present,” STPSO shared.

According to Toofab, deputies have began searching the area but so far have not located him. As of right now the case is still being treated as a missing persons investigation even though it is being reported that the man was attacked and killed.