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Indian Gangster Jitender Gogi Shot Dead In Courtroom By Gunmen Dressed As Lawyers



Jitender Gogi Shot Dead In Courtroom By Gunmen Dressed As Lawyers In Delhi

Jitender Gogi Killed In Courtroom By Gunmen Dressed As Lawyers In Delhi

A defendant also a notorious Indian gangster Jitender Gogi, awaiting trial for murder has been killed by two men, authorities seem to think there might be a connection between members of a rival gang, who shot him in a New Delhi courtroom.

Two gunmen disguised themselves as lawyers and opened fire on Friday afternoon while a jailed gang member was in court, according to Delhi Police.

“Two gangsters killed in immediate counterfire by police as they opened fire in lawyers’ attire at a gangster UTP (Under Trial Prisoner) in Rohini court premises this afternoon. All 3 gangsters dead. No other injury or death occurred,” Delhi Police wrote in a tweet.

Gogi, 30, lead the infamous Jitendra Gogi gang, which has put him in several cases, including murder, kidnap, extortion and land grabbing. For years, he’s had issues  with another group, the Tillu Gang, a rivalry that had led to many deadly shootings, according to police.

This incident now has serious concerns for the security measure for Delhi’s court systems. Many questioned how two men were able to pull this off carrying weapons.

Representative Astana spoke out saying, “the question on whether the metal detectors were not working in the court premises is a matter of investigation and I cannot comment on that at the moment. We are already investigating the case and we shall not spare anyone who is involved in this shootout. No one will be spared.

“Delhi police is doing its job seriously. We were effective and focused and that is why the shooter was successfully neutralised.”