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Heather Rose Addresses Her Leaked Video, Denies Dating Gunna, Reveals Her Celebrity Crush, Business Plans & More



Exclusive Interview With Instagram Model & Beauty Mogul Heather Rose

Popular Instagram model and beauty mogul, Heather Rose, recently had an interview with Peter Dredd on Dredds O’Clock where she addressed multiple stuffs and also touched on what to expect from her brand.

The model whose beauty, fashion and makeup line have amassed her millions of social media followers, answered series of questions during the interview which we’ll be unraveling below.

When asked about her relationship status, Rose answered saying: “Absolutely single.” Peter Dredd: “Who’s your celebrity crush?”
Heather Rose: “My celebrity crush would probably be Tiana Taylor.”
Peter Dredd: “A Male?”
Heather Rose: “Male.. um i’m not even looking at guys right now honestly i don’t have any celebrity man. I don’t have um probably i want to say i don’t know i really honestly that’s not even my focus right now. I’ve been focusing on my business trying to launch my skincare line i haven’t even been Looking for that guys honestly but if i was to have a celebrity crush it would be Tiana Taylor.”

When asked how one could get her attention, the socialite replied saying: “To have my attention you will probably have to come harder than the last then the last guy dated. Gotta come harder other than that and i ain’t really interested it ain’t worth it.”

Peter Dredd: “What’s your best date?”
Heather Rose: “I had like a surprise date on valentine’s
day. i didn’t think i was like.. we were just running around handling his errands for the day and he surprised me with this whole shebang in a hotel room with gifts and dinner and you know that sort of thing it was a surprise i guess that would be the best one.”

Peter Dredd: “Would you consider dating a fan?”
Heather Rose: “Oh a fan.. um it it depends what you consider a fan and um no they would limit it. it’d just be a little harder to to know their intentions.”
Peter Dredd: “Do they stand a chance?”
Heather Rose: “I just answered it i’m yeah but it’ll be hard but yeah i’m not against it.”

Peter Dredd: Would you consider changing your name?”
Heather Rose: “Consider changing my name?..  I had enough name changes for my lifetime.”
Peter Dredd: “What’s your annoying habit?”
Heather Rose: “My annoying habits?.. my annoying habits probably that i talk in my sleep and that i always gotta crack my knuckles and i love pickles and people hate the smell of pickles.”

Peter Dredd: What’s your plan on your modelling career?”
Heather Rose: “I’ve been focusing on my businesses i have a skincare line launching and i also have a cosmetic line that i’ve been focused on relaunching So i haven’t really been focused on modeling i’ve been focusing on my businesses.”
Peter Dredd: “What’s the name of your skin care brand?”
Heather Rose: “My skin care is called skin by ian.”

Peter Dredd: “What’s your relationship with rapper Gunna?”
Heather Rose: “Me and Gunna are friends my really good friends were always gonna be friends not even best friends we’re just friends.”
Peter Dredd: “Who inspires you?”
Heather Rose: “An inspiration would probably be i want to say Rihanna.. because you know she started off as one thing and she she expanded into skin cases like makeup she has a line for every single thing now she doesn’t even she doesn’t even do what she started doing you know she doesn’t do makeup anymore she just expanded to the bigger things.”

Peter Dredd: “What would you be up to if you weren’t a celebrity?”
Heather Rose: “If i wasn’t instagram famous, i would probably have a job. Before i moved to atlanta i was supposed to be a correctional officer like a police that works in the jails. I was supposed to do that so if i wasn’t famous instagram famous i would probably be doing that.”
Peter Dredd: “Who’s the messiest person you know?”
Heather Rose: “The messiest person i know… i don’t know any messy people. I try not to affiliate myself or associate myself with any messy people i don’t know any messy people but, if i had to guess the messiest person would probably be a man.”

Peter Dredd: “What’s your take on the DaBaby issue?”
Heather Rose: “I don’t know anyone personally that cares or anyone personally that has spoken about it around me so I really haven’t gave it much thought.. yeah no I really haven’t. I don’t have anything to say I really I don’t care about that situation that i don’t want to get involved it’s just i don’t insert myself into other people’s issues like you know yeah.”

Peter Dredd: “What do you have to say about your video that got leaked sometimes back?”
Heather Rose: “The video’s old and i feel like i know and everyone who i’ve dealt with knows what i look like so it really didn’t stop anything or affect me much.”
Peter Dredd: “Did you feel uncomfortable by the leak?”
Heather Rose: “I’m embarrassed that an old video came out but it’s like it’s so old that it really it really doesn’t matter to me. No it’s embarrassing i wouldn’t want my kids and my family to see it you know but it’s like mistakes happen you trust the wrong people and sometimes that happens.”

Peter Dredd: ‘Do you know who leaked it?
Heather Rose: “Um no i’m not sure exactly who did it. One of my um initially it was one of my exes that put it out but the second time it came out it was it was a female but i don’t know which female.”

Peter Dredd: “What’s next for you now?”
Heather Rose: “Yeah i told you i’m just working on my on my businesses i’m trying to make millions off my businesses so that’s what i’ve been focused on hopefully this time next year.”
Peter Dredd: “What are your plans for your acting career?”
Heather Rose: “Honestly no that’s just something that’s on my in my schedule or my plans but, it’s like i haven’t i haven’t done anything yet no.”

Peter Dredd: “Any plans on starting a rap career?”
Heather Rose: “No, I don’t i don’t think i want to be a rapper.”
Peter Dredd: “Have you starred in any music video?”
Heather Rose: “It was a video um i did.. I did saucy santana’s you know santana he’s a rapper I did.. he’s a friend of mine i did that for him but, no one else is no oh yeah i wouldn’t do any any music videos maybe female music videos but i wouldn’t do any male music videos.”

Peter Dredd: “What message do you have for your fans?”
Heather Rose: “I just want to say thank you for always supporting me and riding and always defending me when people try to slam my name. Thank you so much for having me here.” Watch the full interview below:

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