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Furious Dad Brutally Beats Pastor For Inappropriately Touching His 9 Year Old Son – Video



Furious Dad Brutally Beats Pastor For Inappropriately Touching His 9 Year Old Son

Oklahoma City Dad ‘Brutally Beats’ Pastor For ‘Inappropriately Touching’ His 9-Year-Old Son

An Oklahoma City dad took matters into his own hands after finding out that a pastor had been touching’ his 9-year-old son inappropriately, according to the Daily Mail.

The young boy told his parents that he had seen pastor Michael Coghill, 33, jogging in the area several times before and that on Monday he had touched him in a way that made the minor feel very uncomfortable.

On Wednesday, the boy’s furious father try to catch the pastor in his act and headed to the bus stop with his son. He parked the car where the child was visible, waited for Coghill to show up, and recorded the alleged incident.

Coghill (left) was a pastor at Lakehoma Church of Christ. The church revealed that they had ran a background check on Coghill and he had not previous assaults

However, that’s not all he did that day. The enraged dad then physically confronted Coghill, leaving him with a fracturing skull and cracked left orbital socket, cops said.

Coghill has been charged with indecent acts to a child and is detained at Oklahoma City Detention Center after the father showed the recording to police.

To note, It was not the first time Coghill followed and interacted with the child at the bus stop, News9 reported.  Coghill, a pastor at Lakehoma Church of Christ, and did not even live in the neighborhood, where the school bus stop is located.

It is not clear if the child’s father was charged in the attack.