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SWV’s Coko Says It Wasn’t Hard Accepting That Her Youngest Son Is Gay



Coko Clemons Says She Had No Problem Accepting Her Son's Sexuality

Coko Clemons Says She Had No Problem Accepting Her Son’s Sexuality

SWV’s Coko Clemons recently opened up about her youngest son, Jaylon (aka, Jayye), being gay and embracing him no matter what. She shared her thoughts during during a Q&A session with fans on YouTube.

Jaylon is Coko’s son from her marriage to producer and drummer Mike “Big Mike” Clemons.

He’s been captured singing classics with his mom, both on social media and when he did a duet of “Sunshine” with her during the SWV and Xscape Verzuz. He’s set to enter college this month to study towards a career in dentistry, and it’s clear he has a tight bond with his mom.

Coko Clemons Says She Had No Problem Accepting Her Son's Sexuality

When Coko was asked if it was hard for her to accept that he’s gay, she made clear that it wasn’t. For one, that’s “my baby,” and secondly, she wasn’t surprised.

“It was not hard to accept my son’s sexuality at all,” she said in the clip. “I’m his mother so I mean, I already knew what it was and I was just waiting for him to figure out what it was. And when he came to me and told me I was like ‘You finally figured it out.’”

“But I love my son. He came out of my cooch. Why in the world would I not be okay with his sexuality? It is what it is,” she continued. “I’m not going to beat him. I’m not going to throw him on the altar. I pray for my kids regardless. I want them to be the best that they can be.”

She added, “So because my youngest son is gay, I don’t dislike him for that? No, that’s my baby. I carried him for eight months and he’s special because I was only in labor for 30 mins. He’s special. I’m not going to dislike him or his sexuality. I pray for him just like I pray for my other son.”

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