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Rapper Gonzoe Shot Dead At 45, Allegedly Set Up By A Woman



Rapper Gonzoe, Friend Of Tupac & Ice Cube Shot & Killed

Rapper Gonzoe, Friend Of Tupac & Ice Cube Shot & Killed

A popular rapper linked to hip-hop heavyweights Tupac Shakur and Ice Cube has reportedly died after being fatally shot at a Seattle Gas Station.

King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Tim Meyer confirmed a shooting victim had died overnight on Saturday – but no official confirmation has as yet been given of the shotgun victim’s identity.

The gunman is reportedly still at large, with KCSO describing it as an “active scene”. But the news of Gonzoe’s death went across social media after he was shot and killed near a Seattle-area gas station.

Rapper Gonzoe, Friend Of Tupac & Ice Cube Shot & Killed

Media sources report that Gonzoe sustained three gunshot wounds after being shot near Roxbury Lanes.

Well, according to one of Gonzoe’s closest friends, the rapper was “set up” by a woman. Details of Gonzoe’s alleged set-up were leaked from one of his close friend, Phalos Angeles.

In a podcast interview with All Viral Access Media, Phalos claimed that Gonzoe was set up by a woman whom he “curved”. Phalos explains, “women aren’;t used to getting curved, or be put on the back burner. [Gonzoe] did that and she set him up.”


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