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Lori Harvey Reacts To Being Taken Off Meek Mill’s Wish List



Lori Harvey ignored questions about Meek Mill taking her off his wish list

Lori Harvey Ignores Questions About Meek Mill Taking Her Off His Wish List

Couple of years back, during a live performance, Meek Mill changed the lyrics to the song ‘Going Bad’ and said, “I took Lori Harvey off my wish list.”

At the time, she was dating singer Trey Songz. In most performances, Meek changes the lyrics.

Originally, the lyrics used to be: “She said, “Oh, you rich rich?” (‘You rich rich’)/ B*tch, I graduated, call me Big Fish (ballin’ / I got Lori Harvey on my wish list (that’s Lori/ That’s the only thing I want for Christmas (true story, uh).”

“I took Lori Harvey off my wishlist/ Thats what Trigga Trey wanted for Christmas,” Meek raps live in the club two years back.

However, he recently made headlines for performing the song and switching up his original bars again.

Well, when paparazzi caught up to Lori Harvey in West Hollywood last week, they asked about Meek taking her off his wish list, and her response was telling.

Lori looked stunning as the paparazzi approached her, asking how she feels about Meek removing her from his list. “What do you think about Meek taking you off his Christmas wish list?” asked the photographer.

As she heard the question, the Instagram model opened her car door and slammed it shut, seemingly showing exactly how she feels about continually being approached with questions about the rapper, despite never having a relationship with him.

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