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Friends Claim Prince’s Opioid Addiction Began With Bathtub Incident



Friends Claim Prince’s Opioid Addiction Began With Bathtub Incident

A new biography shares how the late Prince initially became addicted to Opioids, and it all reportedly stems from a bathtub incident.

For his Minnesota Purple Rain tour, Prince had some mind-blowing visuals in mind, and wanted to sing while in a bathtub 10 feet off the ground. Unfortunately, during rehearsal, the tub broke sending him crashing to the ground.

“It fell 10 or 12 feet with him in it. I never moved so fast in my life,” said Alan Leeds, Prince’s tour manager in the biography, “Nothing Compares 2 U: An Oral History of Prince.”

“After that, his back hurt day after day. Then in LA, he slipped and hurt his knee. He got some meds and finished the tour, but I don’t think his hip and his leg were ever completely normal after that.”

MIAMI GARDENS, FL – FEBRUARY 04: Prince performs during the “Pepsi Halftime Show” at Super Bowl XLI between the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears on February 4, 2007 at Dolphin Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

His close friends recall that this was the beginning of the addiction that killed the star in 2016 from an accidental overdose of the synthetic opioid fentanyl.

His loved ones remember that Prince was very against drugs as a teen and even into his career.

“He wasn’t hip at all. Prince was a square,” said Prince’s cousin Pepe Willie . “We’d go outside, smoke a doobie and come back upstairs, and he goes, ‘Oohhhh, ooohhh, look at you! Your eyes are red! Look at you, look at you!’ And we’d be going like, ‘Oh, man, come on.’ He was square.”

However, Prince’s constant tour injuries took toll on him. He was around 107lbs when he died.

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