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Petition Launched To Remove Kevin Samuels From YouTube & Instagram


on Petition Launched To Remove Kevin Samuels From YouTube & Instagram Petition Launched To Remove Kevin Samuels From YouTube & Instagram

YouTuber and relationship expert Kevin Samuels, is known for bashing Black women, and praising himself and other “high value men.” He is known for offering relationship advice, mostly to Black women. And his “advice” typically consists of insulting the women, and telling them that their standards are “too high.”

He’s faced allegations of being gay due to the way he belittles women. Kevin made headlines some months back after his High School Yearbook picture suggest he might be gay. The rumor was fueled when he was caught with a picture of man in bed mid show.

While Kevin has ton of fans across social media, he has just as many critics. Many Black women feel that his shows are used to “bash” Black women and to promote negative stereotypes about them. Well, Kevin Samuels critics have now launched a petition to remove him from YouTube and Instagram, his biggest platforms.

The petition is currently making rounds online and has so far been signed by 1,964 people with the aim to get 2,500 signatures.

There have been mixed reactions to the petition. While some are in support of the act, others think it’s a reach and absurd to try to take down his platforms for telling bitter truth.

“I was just told it was a petition by black women to try to remove Kevin Samuels from YouTube. Y’all hate to hear the truth lol Kevin Samuels ain’t disrespecting black women at all especially on the level that black women allow rappers male and female to disrespect them lol,” a Twitter user wrote.

“Kevin Samuels platform is about to be even bigger than we think. So that petition is laughable,” another person tweeted.

See some reactions below:

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