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Lil Durk’s Brother OTF DThang’s Killer Shot & Killed In Chicago



OTF DThang's Alleged Killer Caught & Killed In Chicago

OTF DThang’s Alleged Killer Caught & Killed In Chicago

Lil Durk‘s older blood brother DThang was killed outside a strip club last month. But, police have no suspects in his killing at the time. The Chicago rapper and his brother were very close. Dthang was his right hand man and best friend.

According to an insider, Dthang was buried in a traditional Muslim manner and Durkio was spotted looking defeated at the burial.

In the picture taken just before the official ceremony began, Lil Durk can be seen sitting down, over his brother’s casket with his head down. However, it appears ‘Back In Blood’ is no cap as DThang’s killer has reportedly been shot dead also.


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According to reports swirling around on the streets of Chicago, Dthang’s killers were hunted down one by one and the final member of the alleged group that killed him, was shot down last week.

The crew that the streets believe were responsible for Dthang’s murder were reportedly affiliated with the Dumpstreet gang in the West Englewood section of Chicago. Over the past month, about half a dozen members of the gang were shot or killed.

Reports on social media is that the shootings and killings were all in retaliation for the gang’s alleged involvement in Dthang’s murder. This week, after a final member of the Dumpstreet gang was gunned down.

A popular Chicago hip hop blog posted news that Dthang’s killer was gunned down, and one of Dthang’s homies – a Chicago man named jayski300gang – liked the post.

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