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Falynn Says Simon Told Her Porsha Williams Slept With His Cousin For Rolls-Royce



Porsha Williams Allegedly Slept With Simon Guobadia's Cousin For Her Rolls-Royce

Porsha Williams Slept With Simon Guobadia’s Cousin For Her Rolls-Royce – Falynn Pina Alleges

It’s been quite messy between cast mates of Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha Williams and Falynn after the former got engaged to Falynn’s estranged husband Simon Guobadia.

Well, Falynn is now spilling all of the tea now. She says that her soon-to-be ex-husband allegedly told her that Porsha slept with his cousin in exchange for her Rolls Royce.

According to Falynn, she believes the engagement is all for show and that if Porsha doesn’t sign a prenup, she will have to sign some contract.


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On the other hand, Simon claimed Falynn cheated on him with her PA Jaylan Banks and that she’s allegedly pregnant by him. Over the weekend, Jaylan made a surprise move by sharing a boo’d up picture with Falynn on Instagram, confirming they’re dating with a subliminal shot at Simon.

“A man is truly a man when he earns the respect of a good woman and keeps her trust,” he captioned.

Following backlash on social media, Banks said he doesn’t need approval from anyone on what to do in his life. “We were best friends at first, that being said I picked up where a man left, I’m happy and she’s happy. That’s it.”

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