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Quavo Says Migos “Culture 3” Will Be The “Greatest Album Of The Year”



Quavo Drops Info On Long Awaited 'Culture III'

Quavo Drops Info On Long Awaited ‘Culture III’

After announcing that their upcoming Migos album, titled Culture 3, will be arriving next week, Quavo spoke with Complex about his latest collaboration with Lids, releasing an iced-out fitted cap.

While the interview centered mostly around that collaboration, as well as Quavo’s sneakerhead tendencies, the rapper also opened up about what we can expect from the album.

His confidence is clear, calling Culture 3 the best album of the year. “Greatness. The greatest album of this year. The greatest album of the summer,” said Quavo about what fans can anticipate from the upcoming release.

“It’s back open. I feel like this album going to open up the world. We’re having fun and smiling again, you know what I mean? Everybody’s been hurtin’, and going through this pandemic, and losing loved ones. I feel like this is a breakthrough. This is the sonic boom to the new life and new world that we live in.


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We’ve been going through this pandemic for like a year and a half. So, we’re coming back with Culture 3. We haven’t dropped any music in three years. The year that we was going to drop, the pandemic hit. So I just feel like it’s a breath of fresh air.

We got some good guys on there. We got our good friends on there. It’s going to be the greatest album of the year. We put our blood, sweat, and tears into it. We had a lot of time to go over and a lot of time to bond and be together with this album. So, Culture 3. 6/11.”

Quavo added that the group didn’t fret after people started writing off the Migos following Culture 2, which some fans found underwhelming.

“Nah. That’s just the young generation. You leave the porch for two years, somebody’s gonna be sittin on it. But it’s not the throne,” he explained. “Cause we sit at the top and we respect everything that’s going on. But that’s just the youth. They got a short attention span. Like you said, it’s been three years. It’s time to take control and bring the spotlight back to the stage.”


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