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Lul Tim Debuts Rap Career, Brags About Killing King Von On ‘Off The List’



King Von's Alleged Shooter Lul Tim Raps About 'Taking A N*gga Off The List' On Rap Debut Song

King Von’s Alleged Shooter Lul Tim Raps About ‘Checking A N*gga Off The List’ On Rap Debut Song

King Von’s alleged killer Lul Tim, is looking to start a music career off the infamy he got through his affiliation to Quando Rondo and his role in Von’s death. Von was shot during a fight with Quando’s crew outside the club.

Authorities said it wasn’t up to 60 seconds after the altercation that a shoot out happened where Quando’s homie Lul Timm, pulled a gun and murdered the Chicago rapper.

This week, Tim teased his new music, sharing a preview of his upcoming debut single “Off The List.” Considering Lul Tim’s affiliation to Quando Rondo (and, by connection, Youngboy), we’re quite sure that he would work with one of the superstar rapper’s producers.


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However, Lul Tim who has already labelled himself ‘The biggest opp’, isn’t looking to be in the good eye of people. He’s even rapping about violence, shooting people, and more.

In the video, Tim stands around his homies with a shovel, digging in the dirt. A part of the lyrics suggests he’s bragging about shooting King Von.

“Just checked a new p***y n***a off the list, quick to gun you down but check the score, b*tch, I don’t miss,” he raps.

Watch the teaser video below:

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