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Picture Of Juice WRLD $1 Million Gravesite Causes Stir



Picture Of Juice Wrld $1 Million Gravesite

Juice Wrld Is Buried In A $1M Grave – Pic

Rapper Juice WRLD died a year ago, after suffering an overdose at Chicago’s Midway International Airport. Well now he’s finally resting soundly

Last week, his grave site was finally completed, and according to our sources his family spent approximately $1 million, to ensure that the rapper’s finally resting place is pretty baller.

Here’s an image showing his grave site:

Last month, Chris Long, Juice’s photographer who was on the plane and caught a gun charge for him, claimed that Juice didn’t swallow a bunch of pills because the police were at the airport.

“I can’t do this anymore. I give up,” he began on Twitter. “Thanks for all the messages. I’m trying so hard. But if I can’t do it let’s make sure some things are clear. J did not swallow a bunch of pills because the police where [sic] at the airport. We gave no f*cks about them being there. He could have flushed them down the toilet if he cared.”

“J was just hooked bad. The amount he took daily was absurd and he hid how much he really took from mostly everyone. Everyone around him tried really hard to get him to slow down. When he agreed to rehab it was because he wanted to lower his tolerance. He didn’t want to stop.”

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