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DMX’s Children & His Fiancée Desiree Lindstrom Battle Over His Estate



DMX's Family Members Battle For Control Over His Estate

DMX’s Family Members Are Petitioning For Control Over His Estate

Rap icon DMX, died April 9 at age 50 following a massive heart attack. However, it appears he left behind a legacy richer in music than finances as the court papers indicated.

We reported last month that DMX’s daughters claim his estate is worth less than $50k despite selling more than 74 million.

The estimates appeared in a pair of court documents filed by five of rap icon Earl Simmons’s 15 children. well, new report has it that members of X’s family are battling for control over his estate.

DMX's Family Members Are Petitioning For Control Over His Estate

According to PageSix, five of X’s children and the late rapper’s fiancée, Desiree Lindstrom are now in a battle for the role of administrator of his estate.

Lindstrom reportedly applied to gain the legal status of X’s “common-law wife” but the judge denied the request. The judge said Lindstrom did “not have standing to file” as X’s common-law wife.

Assuming the motion was approved, Lindstrom would’ve taken immediate control of the rapper’s estate. This would mean that Lindstrom would’ve had executive powers over X’s estate over his 14 children. She would’ve been able to overlook the revenue from X’s future music releases, and have overall authority over the estate.


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“There is no will from DMX and that’s a big problem. This is a difficult situation because there are a number of people vying to be named administrators,” a source close to the situation told the publication.

“His fiancée Desiree tried to muscle in by asking the court to be named his common-law wife, which means she would have taken precedence over his children. But the court refused.”

Three of X’s children from his marriage to Tashera Simmons — 28-year-old Xavier, 21-year-old Tacoma, and 19-year-old Sean — are petitioning to become the administrators.


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