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DJ Akademiks Says He Hates Megan Thee Stallion: ‘She’s An Industry Plant’



Akademiks Says Megan thee Stallion's Career Has Been Propelled, Overhyped & Put On Pedestal

Akademiks Says Megan thee Stallion’s Career Has Been Propelled, Overhyped & Put On Pedestal

DJ Akademiks has been openly critical of Megan Thee Stallion. Back in November 2020, the blogger shaded Meg over her “Good News” album sales, saying her first week sales doesn’t reflect the amount of hype she gets.

Also in March, AK said Megan Thee Stallion is overrated and doesn’t have the lyrical skills of most of the other women in the industry.

Again, the blogger called the “Savage” hitmaker an industry plant, explaining exactly why he believes the “protect black girl” trope brought her this success. “I hate Megan thee Stallion very hard,” Akademiks began.


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“Because you can’t be objective, so I guess I’ll start by saying this. I am now in belief that Meg thee Stallion’s career has been propelled, overhyped, and also put on a pedestal because of this whole Black girl magic, protect Black women, I’m sorry.”

He continued, “But listen to everybody’s review of Meg’s album. She just dropped it’s called Good News. It’s mid. It’s mid. And if it was anyone we liked that dropped a mid album that wasn’t being seen as a victim, lift and just act like the fact that she’s doing it is good enough. The consensus would be ‘Meg you missed, try again.'”

“Meg could fart on a song and we would be like ‘Oh my god, that is a sweet, sweet sound of being a victim, protect her she is Black and she is a woman,'” he continued, comparing her “mediocre” rapping skills to Lil Baby, Roddy Ricch and DaBaby.

He added that her success is in direct correlation with the fact that Tory Lanez shot her.


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