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Pop Smoke Was Gunned Down By A Baby-Faced 15-Year-Old Shooter



Pop Smoke Was Reportedly Shot Dead By A Baby-Faced 15 Year Old Boy

Pop Smoke Was Reportedly Shot Dead By A Baby-Faced 15 Year Old Boy

It was reported earlier that Pop Smoke was taking a shower during his stay at an Airbnb in Los Angeles when men stormed the house in a home invasion, which would lead to his death.

According to new report, Pop Smoke was gunned down by a baby-faced 15-year-old shooter who ambushed the Brooklyn rapper with a group of teens bent on stealing the singer’s diamond-studded Rolex, a detective testified Friday.

The home intruders also were after the Canarsie-bred rapper’s Cuban link chain but apparently only managed to swipe the luxury timepiece, which they later resold for just $2,000, the Los Angeles Police investigator said.

The trigger teen, the youngest of the four defendants now facing murder and robbery charges in the case, allegedly admitted his role in the slaying during a recorded interview with a cellmate at a juvenile detention center last May.

“He admitted that he shot the victim three times with a Baretta 9 (mm),” LAPD Det. Carlos Camacho testified Friday at a preliminary hearing for a different suspect, Corey Walker, 20, the sole adult defendant in the high-profile prosecution.

“They got into a fight, and he shot him three times,” Camacho said, citing the youngest defendant’s recorded jail interview. “He said he shot him on the back.”

According to Camacho, Walker similarly confessed to his role in the deadly confrontation during a separate, secretly recorded jailhouse interview with a different informant placed in his cell after his July arrest.

Walker allegedly admitted the group used ski masks, gloves and a police scanner to try to evade detection.
“He said that when the individuals got inside, the suspects confronted (Pop Smoke), who was in the shower naked,” Camacho testified.

During his recorded conversation, Walker allegedly said the teens inside the home demanded Pop Smoke’s jewelry, which he was still wearing, and even said “Thank you” when it appeared he was complying, Camacho said.

But the rapper, born Bashar Barakah Jackson, decided to fight back and “rushed” the intruders, who “pistol whipped” him before the 15-year-old suspect shot him in the chest, Camacho said, citing Walker’s account.


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