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Dr Dre & Nicole Young Are Officially Single



Judge Signs Off On The Couple Legally Ending Their Marriage

Judge Signs Off On The Couple Legally Ending Their Marriage

Dr. Dre and his estranged wife Nicole Young, have been locked in a bitter divorce battle for a while now and in the latest development, a judge has signed off on Dr. Dre & Nicole Young’s request as the two agreed to sign off on their divorce.

Dr. Dre is officially a free single man now that a judge in the divorce case has agreed upon signing off on the document granting the couple legal freedom from each other.

Unfortunately this doesn’t mean that everything was handled just because they are newly single. These two still have to deliberate on the finical stages of their divorce such as splitting up who gets what.

As of now, if any of these two wanted to get re married, in the eyes of the law they are now able to do so.

However, this nasty divorce is a long way from being over being that the couple still have to come to an agreement financially but both Dr. Dre and Nicole Young are now back on the market.

Last month, Nicole Young claimed the rapper/producer “knocked [her] out cold” with a punch square to the face during a drunken rage.

Prior to that, Nicole called out Dre’s mistresses who have been wearing her clothes.


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