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Akbar V Tells DaniLeigh “You’re Not Black”



Akbar V To DaniLeigh: "No Matter How Many Black P*nis You Fuck, You're Not Black"

Akbar V To DaniLeigh: “No Matter How Many Black P*nis You Fuck, You’re Not Black”

As DaniLeigh continues to attempt some damage control over her controversial “Yellow Bone” song, the “Easy” artist ran into more backlash after she claimed to be of considerable West African descent.

Contradicting her previous claims regarding her ethnicity, the 26-year-old responded to a critic who asked if she was even Black considering her usage of the n-word.

“is dani leigh afro-latino? that’s my question, cause she says n*gga so freely, but being dominican doesn’t mean she’s black. & that’s been my gripe wit her from jump street,” asked the Twitter user.


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She responded, “I’m 39% west African .. Those were wrong . Thanks,” referring to the previous ethnicity test results she had originally tweeted out last year. In a second, now-deleted tweet, she again claimed to have “40% west African blood in my system.”

Well, Akbar V made time out of her busy schedule to drag singer Danileigh — letting her know that she is not Black, despite sleeping with Black men.

“Also @DaniLeigh i want to tell you baby you are not black no matter how many black wigs u let them put on you baby just be yourself damn and keep making vibe songs for us ….no matter how many black penis u f*ck u are not black ok thank u ms yellow world,” she wrote alongside a yellow hear emoji.

She continued: “he way y’all let folks play with our culture is sickening. God please forgive me for judging this girl but i had to tell her what was on my mind.”

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