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Yella Beezy’s Cousin Suspected To Have Killed Mo3 In Surveillance Video



Surveillance Video Suggests Yella Beezy's Cousin Marcel Bernet Killed Mo3

Surveillance Video Suggests Yella Beezy’s Cousin Marcel Bernet Killed Mo3

Yesterday, Dallas Police Department obtained photo of Mo3’s alleged killer from the surveillance footage. Mo3 was fatally shot and killed at the age of 28 and it appears the CCTV footage is giving a lead on his killer.

The images released show a masked person who allegedly chased down Mo3 through traffic, showing him carrying a gun in his hands.

The Dallas Police Department released the photos, claiming that the suspect was seen driving away in a 2014 or 2015 black Chevrolet Camaro.

While authorities are yet to name a suspect on the killing, folks on social media have taken it upon themselves to find out who was in the surveillance footage.

After so many back and forth, folks online are claiming that the shooter looks a lot like rapper Yella Beezy’s cousin Marcel Bernet.

Rapper Yella Beezy and Mo3 have been beefing in the streets of Dallas for years. Many in hip hop suspect that Yella – or his crew – may be responsible for Mo3’s murder.

This speculation or rumor was also posted on Instagram by 730radio with a caption that reads: “Mo3’s shooter or killer is revealed ALLEGEDLY Marcel Bernet (Yella Beezy’s Cousin) THIS IS ALL ALLEGED JUST TRYNA PUT YALL ON TO WHAT IM HEARING.”


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Surveillance Video Suggests Yella Beezy's Cousin Marcel Bernet Killed Mo3

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