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Quando Rondo Sets To Perform At Club Amid Threats



Quando Rondo Announces His Upcoming Club performance On Black Friday

Quando Rondo Announces His Upcoming Club performance On Black Friday

Although Quando Rondo is not under investigation over King Von‘s death, his presence and the altercation he had with Von prior to his death has put the rapper on headlines lately.

There’s been a brewing war between Quando Rondo’s team and late Von’s team since the shooting incident. Rondo added fuel to the issue with his recent track.

Quando Rondo released a King Von diss track last week where the Georgia-bred rapper addresses his involvement in Von’s fatal shooting. The song is perceived as a diss track and has been causing uproar amongst fans and Von’s team.

“Blood on your brother on the ground, gon’ pick your mans up. Damn right we scrеaming self defense, he shouldn’t have never put his hands on me,” Quando raps.

Not long after dropping the song, 600Breezy dared Quando Rondo to perform it live and told him to “stop canceling shows.”

Amid the threats, Quando Rondo is ready to get back to work. He recently announced that he will be getting back to the club, performing his return show on Black Friday tomorrow night.


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