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Blocboy JB Says PlayStation Is ‘For Gays & Xbox Is For Street Niggas’



Blocboy JB Catches Heat For Saying PlayStation Is "For The Gays"

Blocboy JB Dragged For Saying PlayStation Is “For The Gays”

Blocboy JB is currently under fire following his contentious stints on Instagram live. The Memphis rapper was having a good time with his fans when he spoke about gaming consoles and many didn’t appreciate his remarks.

“PlayStation, they got Pride colors so PlayStation supposed to be for the gays. It’s not supposed to be for the street n*ggas,” the rapper said.

“I’m not saying the gays can’t play the Xbox, but I’m just saying. Xbox is for the gangsta n*ggas. This my calculations of everything.” His “calculations” are interesting, especially considering Xbox has regularly shown their support for the LGBTQIA+ community as well a Pride Month every year.

The public can create and purchase Pride controllers and Xbox has featured video games, produced by their studios, with transgender characters.

Additionally, Xbox is owned by Microsoft, and the parent company is known for their avid support of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Blocboy is currently getting dragged across Twitter over his remarks. “Oh yea I almost forgot, shut the eff up forever. You are a one trick pony and no one listens to your music anymore. Come out with a nice quality LP and then we’ll talk,” a user tweeted.

The irony is that earlier this year, Blocboy JB’s babymama suggested that he might be gay after she exposed him for allegedly cheating on her with a transgender who has been sending the rapper graphic images.

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