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Bhad Bhabie Speaks On Where Her Friendship Stands With Billie Eilish



Bhad Bhabie Denies Having Beef With Former Friend Billie Eilish

Bhad Bhabie Denies Having Beef With Former Friend Billie Eilish

Bhad Bhabie and Billie Eilish‘s friendship haven’t been the same since the latter rose to stardom. Earlier this year, Bhabie took to instagram live to diss the 5 times Grammy Award winner.

The teenage rapper says she’s been texting Billie Eilish for a while but she’s not replying her and now she’s unsure if she is still a friend of Billie.

I think I’m friends with Billie, I don’t know if Billie is my friend. Every time I DM her and give her my number, she doesn’t text me,” Bhabie said on Instagram Live at the time “I mean, I don’t know, I guess that’s what happens when bitches get famous. It could be that. I’m not tripping. I know who my real friends are.”


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However, during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, she spoke on where her friendship with Eilish currently stands. “People always want to act like we have problems or we have beef. No,” she said.

“I just feel like either someone got into her ear about me and made her think that I was a bad person or she was getting too big to where she didn’t want to associate herself with my brand.”

She continued, “And that’s perfectly fine, I understand that, but it sucks to have a friend and they just disappear. But I’m not mad at her, she’s not mad at me. It is what it is.”

“I always supported her. I was always there but, you know, sh*t happens,” she added, saying that Billie’s team wouldn’t even entertain the idea of the two artists collaborating. “That’s not on me … a lot of people just don’t want to associate themselves with my brand. They think I’m this evil devil child.”

Bhad Bhabie Denies Having Beef With Former Friend Billie Eilish

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